Special Formatting and Desktop Publishing:

Rely on International Languages Services, Inc. to format complicated multi-language forms as well as manuscripts containing graphics, tables, or charts, in commonly used applications, such as:
• Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
• WordPerfect

For advertisements, brochures, packaging, publications, manuals, business cards, and other documents requiring layout and high resolution for printing, ILS also offers desktop publishing (DTP) in all major PC- and Mac-based software applications, including:
• Adobe Acrobat, Framemaker, Illustrator, InDesign, Pagemaker, and Photoshop
• QuarkXpress
• Freehand
• HTML and SGML.

DTP specialists with expertise in typography and foreign languages perform all special formatting and desktop publishing. They understand critical issues that can make or break your image in print, such as foreign language:
• Text expansion
• Font matching and usage
• Capitalization
• Punctuation
• Hyphenation
• Image placement.

Our DTP specialists also regularly perform:
• Text reversal for right-to-left reading languages
• Double-byte enabling for Asian languages
• PDF conversion.

All print-ready files and/or camera-ready documents are proofread by native speakers for accuracy of content and format prior to delivery.


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