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International Languages Services, Inc. can provide an accurate printed text of who said what during your meeting, conference, deposition, interview, or conversation in more than 125 languages We provide professional transcription from audiotape, videotape, and digital media for government agencies, law firms, corporations, and individuals.

Types of transcription offered:

Verbatim Transcript: A very precise record of every word spoken in the source language. The record includes false starts, as well as speech and grammatical errors. This service is used by government agencies for evidentiary purposes.

Edited Transcript: A polished, accurate rendition of the content of the conversation in the source language. This type of transcription ignores false starts (“um” and “ah”) and corrects speech and grammatical errors to provide a smooth flow. It is most appropriate for corporate histories and media interviews for publication.

Translated Transcript: If the completed transcript is in a foreign language such as Spanish, a professional translator translates from the Spanish transcript into English. Generally, the source transcript appears in the left-hand column, while the English translation appears on the right.

Areas of Specialization:

• Business: Corporate histories, seminars, meetings, focus groups, client presentations.
• Law Enforcement: Title III monitoring, analysis, and transcription.
• Law: Depositions, court proceedings, trials.
• Media: Interviews, press conferences, documentaries.
• Medical: Physician/Patient conferences, medical symposiums.

Transcriber Qualifications:

Our project managers select transcribers for your project who are fluent in the source language or dialect to be transcribed, have subject matter expertise, and are skilled in the use of various word processing and data management software. Many of our foreign language transcribers and translators possess Government Security Clearances for processing confidential and classified materials.

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