International Languages Services, Inc. provides expert foreign language translation, narration, and voiceover for multimedia, radio, television, and video. You can trust us to provide the talent and procedures to produce quality consistent, professional voiceovers for tape or digital media.


- Script review and translation
- Footage review and editing of translated script to accommodate media timing constraints
- Professional voiceover
- Dubbing and subtitling upon request
- Male and female voices
- Wide variety of languages, regional accents, and dialects.

Recording arrangements are made at the most convenient studio location of your choosing. We can recommend several excellent production studios.

Areas of Specialization
• Advertising
• Audio books
• Commercials for radio or TV
• Company Profiles
• Distance Learning (DL) software applications
• Documentaries
• Emergency/Medical procedures
• Employee training
• Infomercials
• Marketing and Promotional packages
• Product demos
• Presentations
• Publicity Spots
• Recorded “on-hold” phone messages/options
• Travelogues
• Tutorials
• Video games
• Virtual facility tours
• Streaming Web audio

The script is translated into the foreign target language by a native-speaking professional translator who is skilled at writing the foreign language as it is spoken (very important!), and adapting for cultural differences and timing limitations of the target media while remaining faithful to the style, content, tone, and intent of the source script.

Quality Control
During the translation edit phase, the translated script is reviewed and timed to ensure readability within the time available for each segment. The number of words in the script often expands during translation, so it is important that as much text reduction as possible be completed prior to the recording, when the clock is running for both voice talent and studio time.
This careful review reduces the amount of editing required during the actual studio session, saving you time and money.

Professional voice talent, actors, broadcasters, and narrators perform our voiceover and narration.

We can also provide a native-speaker of the target language in the studio to monitor the performance of the voice talent and help make on-the-spot adjustments and corrections.

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